The 20 Best Watermelon Cakes

We love turning up for Active Partyz when the tables are full of healthy food options. Watermelon cakes are super popular right now, as they are colourful, fun and healthy - and the best part is no baking!

To share the love of this wonderful fruit we have rounded up the 20 best watermelon cakes for your next birthday inspiration.

If you are worried about the kids reaction, don't be, I have never seen a child who didn't love every bite!

1. Three layer Watermelon Cake from Apron String Blog

2. Whipped Cream Watermelon cake from Kraft

3. Triple Mellon Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio Youtube clip here

4. Sliced Watermelon Cake from

5. Summer Watermelon Cake from Popsugar

6. Carve a name into the watermelon skin from My Kids Eat Plants

7. Fresh Three Melon cake by Simplify Live Love

8. Cute handheld cupcakes From Stress Baking

9. Fruit treasure from Beautiful Pictures of Healthy Food

10. This takes the cake from Vegetable Fruit Carving

11. Add some fun fairy wands from Feel The Lean

12. Cute animal theme from Buona Pappa

13. Watermelon Cake with Ginger Mint Syrup from The Whimsical Wife

14. Not technically a cake but the kids will just love this Train

15. Heaps of hungry kids? How about two watermelons for this dramatic effect! From Amiee

16. Coconut Cream Cake from Paleo Cupboard

17. Fruit Barbie from Pinterest

18. For the footy mad kids from Love it so much

19. Mini watermelon cakes from Give Recipe

20. Watermelon rainbow cake from Pinterest

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