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Active Squirtz - What we do

Active Squirtz Aventures give children an opportunity to learn about healthy food choices and promotes getting active and moving their bodies.

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2 - 5 year Squirtz
30 minutes of dynamite energetic action and adventure!
  • Exploring the world of Fruits and Vegetables

  • Inclusive of all skill levels

  • Nurtures imagination and self-expression

  • Focus on cooperation rather than competition

  • Discovering how to keep our bodies strong and happy

  • Diverse medley of groovy, energetic and fun movement 

  • Bend and flex fun

  • Vibrant and educational concepts

  • Incredibly supportive, motivating and encouraging environment 



52 Fantastic fun themed adventures


Active Squirtz Leaders are incredibly positive, enthusiastic and create an encouraging super fun environment for all Squirtz.

We use colourful  unique resources and equipment that excites and engages.

Every Adventure encourages and motivates Squirtz get active and move, choose healthy options that are fabulous for their bodies and minds.

Allowing them to thrive and live their most happiest and super fun life now and into their future. 

Active Squirtz Suzie Strawberry
Active Squirtz Elliot Eggplant

Just a glimpse into some of our Awesome Adventures 

  • Wellness Wizardry

  • Roaring Dinosaurs

  • Fruitacular Fun 

  • Jungle Grooves

  • Happy Heart Moves

  • Oodles of Noodles

  • Veggie Stir-fry 

  • Fins & Teeth

Active Squirtz Barry Broccoli
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