Cauliflower Pizza Face

Boost your veggie intake with this clever hidden veggie pizza! Don’t worry, the kids won’t notice as it holds up just like a regular pizza.


With a power packed veggie base you can relax guilt-free with the toppings and just have tomato paste with ham (off the bone) and cheese. But I’m a sucker for a food face, so the kids and I chose these veggie toppings;

Whites of eyes - bocconcini cheese

Pupil – black olives

Eye brows – spinach leaves

Nose - cherry tomato

Ears/mouth – mushrooms

I used Donna Hay’s recipe magizine for the cauliflower base

Cauliflower base

600 g cauliflower head, chopped

¾ cup (90 g) almond meal

½ (40 g) finely grated parmesan

3 eggs, lightly beaten

Sea salt and cracked pepper

  1. Preheat oven 200 C

  2. Place the cauliflower in a food processor, and blend until it resembles bread crumbs.

  3. Transfer to large bowl, add almond meal, parmesan, egg, salt and pepper and mix till combine.

  4. Divide mixture between lined pizza trays to make mini kids size pizzas. You can make these bases as thick or thin as you like.

  5. Bake in oven for 10 mins.

  6. While the base is cooking, help your Active Squirtz cut up pizza face toppings.

  7. Top each pizza allowing your children to come up with their own wonderful creation.

  8. Cook for another 10 mins, or until the base is golden and cooked through.

Pizza night just become a whole lot healthier!

Miss Meg

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